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Our Mission 學會宗旨

To learn your inner self better and adopt Feng Shui into your daily life to have harmony and get along better with your business partners, colleagues, and your loved ones.  

易經有義理易和象數易二派, 因而衍生出博大精深的智慧中華文化:風水, 命理 (八字/斗數), 面相, 易經數字論命, 武術等等盡在這裡尋。

Wisdoms World 學會簡介

Wisdoms World collaborates a group of Chinese Daoism & Chinese Astronomic Masters, who have well-versed experience and hands-on practice on teaching: Chinese Astronomy (Life) Reading / Fengshui 命理/風水, Individual’s Birthday & Fengshui 八字風水, Chimen Armor奇門遁甲, The Ying Chimen Armor For Specific Prediction 陰盤奇門, Emperor Zhou hexagram文王卦, and 玄空大卦風水.

From the basics to advance, you can learn about the arts of Chinese traditional culture and philosophy via our online programs and seek assistance from our experts.  Find out more about our Programs.

學會由一群熱衷研究中國傳統文化的人士組成,他們擅長以淺顯易懂、深入淺出的方式詮釋傳統經典、諸子百家, 令成員在汲取古聖先賢歷久彌新智慧的同時, 擁有分析、解決問題的思惟能力。學會定期邀請在國粹研究方面頗有建樹的學者進行指導,涉及內容包括:易經基礎、易經與風水、養生、營商與孫子兵法、 道德經與易經管理等。

中國傳統文化博大精深, 中國的古聖先賢有 5000 年的智慧經驗, 為中國傳統作出了重大貢獻。學習或借鑒前人智慧的經驗或教訓, 我們才能更容易的實現夢想、創造價值,獲得幸福的人生。 智慧幫助我們參透人生,擺脫迷惑、煩惱和空虛;智慧、養生能令我們生活更加美好。